Strawberry & Radish Antioxidant Salad


I think that radishes are a vegetable that are way under-utilized. They have a great kick and crunch to them that can add so much to the flavor and texture of a dish. One of my favorite ways to eat radishes is in a classic french application which is simply topped with a schmear of butter (pastured of course) and a dash of sea salt. It’s delicious. If you have never had radishes that way, I highly recommend it. Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato & Corn Salad


Although this dish is great any time of year, for me it’s a decidedly summertime dish. The brightness of the cilantro and lime with the sweetness of the potatoes and corn makes the salad super versatile.This dish works great as a side dish alongside some simply grilled chicken or pork chops, but is also substantial enough to be eaten as a meal in itself, which is how I ate it for my dinner tonight! You could also load it up in some lettuce cups or a sprouted grain tortilla. Anyway you serve this salad, it’s delicious, nutritious and satisfying. Enjoy! Continue reading

Blackberry Coconut Protein Smoothie


Blackberries might just be my favorite berry! Besides being delicious, they’re full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and manganese! AND they are antioxidant powerhouses (antioxidants are those things that go to battle with the free radicals in our bodies, which attack our DNA and cause the C word)! In this smoothie, blackberries take center stage and make this smoothie sweet and tangy, while the coconut milk makes it smooth and creamy. Try it! Continue reading

Honey Garlic Roast Chicken


A good old whole roasted chicken is one of my favorite things to make. Why? Because it’s simple, healthy, versatile and fool proof. You can mix up the flavors of your chicken a million different ways…and I do! I rarely make the same chicken twice! This is actually something my husband complains about believe it or not, because I’ll make a BOSS chicken, and then he never gets it again. But this one is a definite repeat! Continue reading

The Fast Diet: 5 Reasons I Would Never Go On This Diet

fast-dietI’m sure you’ve heard of The Fast Diet by now. It’s been all over the news and advertised as having loads of scientific research that “proves” that this diet works. I’m going to tell you why I think that The Fast Diet does not only not work for the long term, but can actually be dangerous and detrimental to your health.

So what is The Fast Diet? Continue reading

Zucchini Carpaccio


Zucchini is one of my favorite summer vegetables and they come in abundance in gardens everywhere! Aside from being delicious, zucchini are a nutritional powerhouse! Zucchini are full of the essential nutrient (essential means that your body does not produce it so you must get it from your diet) manganese! In fact, just one cup of zucchini containes 19% of your daily recommended amount of manganese. Did you know that manganese can help give you beautiful skin? It’s true! Manganese is responsible for the production of proline, which is an amino acid that aids in the production of collagen!  It’s also full of vitamins A and C and is a powerful antioxidant. So eat your zucchini! It’s delicious. Especially in this recipe. Continue reading